color coded resistors

Anton Montagne

Anton Montagne (Leiden, 1953) studied electronic engineering at the The Hague Institute for Applied Sciences and at Delft University of Technology where he received his master’s degree in 1984. In 1983 he joined Philips Semiconductors in Nijmegen where he designed analog integrated circuits for audio and video applications. At Philips he also set up training courses on analog electronics. In 1986 he cofounded the product development company Product Partners where he carried out many analog designs in the field of instrumentation. In 1989, together with Catena Microelectronics, Delft University of Technology and the Institute of Microelectronics in Stuttgart, he cooperated in the development of an intensive training course, covering many issues of analog information processing. Since 1997 he works as independent consultant, trainer and designer in the field of analog electronics. During the past 40 years he carried out many training courses on analog electronics in Europe.

Since 2016 Anton Montagne is coaching students and giving lectures and masterclasses “Structured Electronics Design” at the Delft University of Technology.

Anton Montagne is the inventor of several patents in the fields of IC technology, MEMS technology, sensor technology and high-stability X-tal oscillators.