color coded resistors

On-the-job training

  • At this moment several students as well as employees of different companies receive on-the-job training in analog electronics.

Proof of concepts

During the past 20 years I developed many analog proof of concepts and helped my customers with the engineering converting them into end products. Here is a selection:

  • 13.56MHz RFID transceiver with class E transmitter power amplifier

  • Low-noise, high-stability PSD optical position detection system

  • Programmable class D high-efficiency current driver for three-phase DC motors up to 100W

  • Multi-mode crystal oscillator with a temperature stability in the ppb range using a standard AT-cut crystal

  • Programmable class H programmable high-efficiency charge driver for piezo actuators 1nF .. 1 uF +/-250V, 5kHz

  • Programmable class B charge driver for piezo actuators 5nF … 300nF, +/-250V, 5kHz

  • Class AB voltage amplifier for capacitive loads 0 … 1nF, +/-250V, > 50kHz

  • Class AB voltage amplifier for capacitive loads 0 … 2uF, +/-1000V, > 5kHz

  • Programmable four-quadrant +/-4KV power supply for electrostatic clamps

  • Temperature compensated multi-mode X-tal oscillator with a temperature stability of +/- 0.2ppm using an AT-cut crystal

  • 136MHz 30W power booster for AM radio communication with high-efficiency class E output stage

  • Magnet position measurement system

  • High-end audio wireless loudspeaker system

  • 100W high-end audio dynamic class AB power amplifier

  • Analog MEMS system processing 600GB/s with less than 10W dissipation


  • Design of analog electronics for industrial and commercial applications:

    • Frequency range: DC - 1GHz (about)

    • Power range: 0 - 1kW (about)

    • Technology: PCB and IC design

    • Applications: industrial and commercial

      • Sensor and actuator interfacing

      • AD and DA conversion

      • RF and power electronics

  • Software languages and applications:

    • C

    • python

    • Matlab

    • MuPAD

    • Maxima CAS

    • HTML

    • CSS

    • Markdown and ReStructured Text

    • LaTeX

    • SPICE