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Hongming Yu

Analog Design Engineer at Dialog Semiconductor

“I have been a student in Electrical engineering for more than 4 years and met many good teachers, but I recommend Anton as the best lecturer in analog design I have ever met. Anton is very good at seizing his students’ knowledge range and passing his knowledge to students in an accurate way they can totally understand. As his student, I am very impressed by the depth of his knowledge of electrical engineering and the broadness of his knowledge in science. As a person, he has a good ‘bad’ habit of always being perfectionist, actually this is the reason that he has made all his students and clients feel satisfied with his work. Overall, if you want to have a workshop training for analog design or you want your project done perfectly by a consultant, I strongly recommend Anton.”

color coded resistors

Lokesh Rajendran

Analog Design Engineer at Cypress Semiconductor Cooperation

Anton is a savant in analog circuit design and a very humble/kind human being. He is a gifted teacher – who can explain complex circuit design topics in a simple way – the way in which he explains the intuition behind the mathematical analysis of circuits is very unique. He is also skilled in writing software routines for circuit analysis (e.g: SLiCAP - for symbolic analysis of circuits). Armed with more than 30 years of practical design experience, he has designed many prototypes from the concept to final product.

color coded resistors

Adebo Paul Adeola

Embedded Systems Design Engineer (R&D)-Metering Applications at MEMMCOL NIGERIA

When it comes to Analog Electronics, I do not think I have seen anyone who explained in details like Anton. Not only does he have the depth of knowledge in this field, but he is so good as passing on the knowledge and really wants to make sure you understand the knowledge passed. His approach to design as far as I am concerned is just what makes him unique - get the problem from its root and understand it…was always his first approach.

Like he told me “Always ask questions….stupid questions”, Anton is always ready to provide the answer even if it means he has to study for it. What attitude could best describe as a solution provider? From the Circuit design, analysis, and simulation down to the PCB design, I count Anton so competent to deliver. Most of all, he always emphasis on International / Acceptable Standards for every product design.

If there is any Design Consultancy in the Field of Analog Electronics. or if it be a training schedule ( Personal or for a Corporate organisation)…I ADEBO PAUL totally recommends ANTON Designs and Consultancy.

Well done ANTON.

color coded resistors